Breaking the Silence Project HIV/AIDS

BREAKING THE SILENCE PROJECT HIV/AIDS Breaking the Silence Project is an HIV/AIDS education and prevention program that focuses on efforts and activities that prevent the spread of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections in Central Oklahoma. Funded by the... read more

Clínica de la Mujer Latina

CLÍNICA DE LA MUJER LATINA Clínica de la Mujer Latina, is an evidence-based community outreach program that provides awa­reness and education; screening and early-detection; and support services to medically under-served Latinas in Oklahoma. Clínica de la Mujer Latina... read more

Immunizations for all Ages

IMMUNIZATIONS FOR ALL AGES The Immunizations for All Ages is a community outreach program funded by the Oklahoma State Department of Health that works in partnership with The Oklahoma Caring Van program to provide education and childhood vaccinations at no cost.... read more

Nutrition & Wellness Education

NUTRITION & WELLNESS EDUCATION Comprando Rico y Sano is a national initiative developed by The National Council of La Raza (NCLR) Institute for Hispanic Health and supported by Walmart Foundation and General Mills, Inc. The program promotes health-conscious... read more

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