Juntos (Together for a Better Education)

This project will bring together parents, youth, school, and community partners to assist families in obtaining the necessary knowledge, skills and resources to facilitate their children’s success in academics. In doing so, LCDA will aim to promote high school graduation and to explore possible paths to higher education.

The overall goals of the project are:

• To improve levels of positive communication between parents, youth, and school staff.

• To help parents and youth understand the requirements for graduation and success in the U.S. high school system.

• To help and encourage youth with their decision-making process while seeking graduation from high school and/or higher education.

• To heighten family awareness about college attendance and to see it as a realistic goal.

• To heighten family awareness of options for financing college expenses in the U.S.

• To increase youth’s skills and knowledge of the college application process.

• To promote local scholarships and encourage students to apply.

• To disseminate programs, websites and other useful information that provides tips for students that will help them graduate from High school and pursue higher education.

Target audience

Low-income Latino youth (ages 14 to 18) attending ninth through twelfth grades at schools within OKCPS and surrounding school systems.

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